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Image by Dominik Schröder

Take off with four flying friends in this collection of adventures. Get up close and intimate with Tom, the speedy F-14 fighter jet, Vul, the valiant Vulcan, the World War II ace Spif, the Spitfire, and a determined little wooden biplane. Meet their friends, and their adversaries, and get a unique insight into the life of planes as they confront the perils of the skies, growing teamwork, friendship, and self-esteem. Age 7+

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We land with the Tomcat on the pitching deck of an aircraft carrier but when his fuel tank runs dry, has he let the team down? Determined to keep their airshow alive, Woody, the little biplane, finds he has some remarkable abilities that earn Tom’s respect. 
The Vulcan is determined to rescue an Antonov with a faulty landing gear. And the Spitfire has to transport a passenger who is oblivious to his importance. His elliptical wings are described in a useful section entitled 'In and Out of the Cockpit', an A-Z of aviation information.


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In a remote base high in the mountains the friends meet Nighthawk, a lovable stealth plane, but a rash impulse from Tom, the F-14, endangers her.

Spif takes responsibility for a battle commemoration, keeping calm as things around him go awry.
When a forest fire breaks out, the friends put pride aside and accept help from a Chinook who doesn’t need a runway.

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Al Suttie, Editor, Brooklands Bulletin

"Leona Cobham tells a good yarn. With three short stories, you can get through one as an evening bedtime story and there's plenty of humour along the way."
Image by Jonathan Ridley

Welcome young flyers!

Teamwork Bravery Excitement

What are you flying today?



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