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About the Author

Leona was immersed in the world of aviation from an early age; her grandfather, Sir Alan Cobham, made many first-time flights as well as pioneering the invention of in-flight refuelling. Leona inherited this love of flying and travel. Now she draws her young readers into a world of aeroplanes through tales told by the aeroplanes themselves about their adventures, thoughts and feelings. 

Believing happy children learn best, Leona infuses her writing with humour, adventure, and a big feel-good factor. Self-development is a key theme. Her aeroplanes overcome personal as well as technical challenges to succeed in missions close to Leona’s heart, like helping endangered species, putting out forest fires and building friendships. 

Leona began research and writing in 1994 for a PhD on forest-based agriculture in Cameroon. She is a born researcher and her website, like her books, is an archive of fascinating facts about flying. She lives in a house in Surrey, UK, with her two sons and two dogs; a scary number of bees live in hives in her garden.

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Leona Cobham, Author of Aeroplane Adventures

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