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Series Description

Aeroplane Adventures is a series of books about four flying pals on important missions: carrying endangered species to safety, rescuing aeroplanes in trouble, putting out forest fires and more. The friends face challenges, both technical and personal. To overcome them, they must use their initiative, learn to work together, and overcome their fears.

Based in England, the planes travel all over the world, racing to Australia, dealing with an illegal mine in the Hindu Kush mountains, transporting a marble statue from Washington DC to London, and more.


There is a wealth of technical information about aeroplanes conveyed in an engaging and interesting way within the stories. You will land with Tom, the F-14 Tomcat, on the pitching deck of an aircraft carrier; and when he runs out of fuel, you will find out what it’s like to fly side by side with another plane to refuel mid-air. Woody, the little biplane, may be slow but he has some remarkable abilities; we accompany him as he grows in the esteem of his friends and realises everyone has unique qualities. The Vulcan has his own painful backstory; having been shut in a hangar, unfit to fly, he is determined to prevent others from experiencing this fate. The Spitfire’s leadership skills are exceptional as expected of a World War II flying ace; in Book 2, discover how he co-ordinates a dangerous night mission to close down an illegal mining operation. His elliptical wings are described in a useful section at the back of the books entitled In and Out of the Cockpit. It is an A-Z of aviation information.  


The books contain positive messages of overcoming inner demons and the power of teamwork. Can the friends accept the unique skills of a Chinook helicopter to help them put out a raging forest fire? The stories are often funny and light-hearted too. Laugh out loud as the Tomcat discovers he has picked up the wrong statue for a grand ceremonial unveiling event or when you discover what sort of endangered species the Spitfire must transport.


If you and your young reader like historically accurate aeroplanes, exciting action, and exploring themes like teamwork, patience, and self-esteem, you will love Leona Cobham’s series, Aeroplane Adventures!

Start your adventure today!

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